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The Truth About Male Menopause

Pay attention now men since this is a really significant issue that may eventually affect us all.

Back in November 06 I wrote a men’s health issues article. In it I discussed a recent report from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism that found our testosterone levels are steadily decreasing at a speed of roughly 1 percent annually as the 1980’s.

To put it differently, that that means that the average 65 year-old man living in 2002 has raised testosterone levels approximately 15% lower compared to the exact same 65 year-old man living in 1987. And that information spells trouble for actual guys everywhere!

Since if you couple their findings together with the decrease in testosterone levels that happens naturally with male aging — we’re forced to face an extremely serious male health ailment called Andropause which literally signifies “the conclusion of being a man”!

An issue that’s compounded by the fact that as your testosterone levels fall, your estrogen levels increase. Therefore, in the event that you’re doing something today to fight this outbreak by the time that your 60 there’s a very good possibility you’ll have less testosterone in the spouse and much more estrogen in relation to your granddaughter.

And in addition to this devastating form of “Male Enhancement ” come a ton of severe male health issues that may rob you of what that makes you a true Man…

* A Positive Attitude

* Erectile Function

* Healthy Libido and Ejaculatory Power

* Robust Energy Degrees and Manly Power

* Reduce Muscle Mass and the Capability to Burn Body Fat

* A Smooth Functioning Pregnancy and Powerful Healthy Bones

Some guys even create female traits like breasts, and much worse, recent clinical trials indicate that men with lower testosterone levels are at an elevated risk for cardiovascular disease and higher blood pressure. There ‘s an awful lot at stake here!